Poor Credit Borrowers Welcome

At times when a person faces a financial emergency they are likely facing one of their worst fears. Sometimes our savings account becomes our emergency fund and it doesn’t take long to deplete the funds you worked hard to save over the years. What happens when all of your backup funds are depleted but cash is still needed? You call Big Car Title Loans Glendale for immediate help through an auto title loan.

You Don’t Need Good Credit to Apply

We won’t instantly turn you away if your credit history is lacking. If you own your car and have a lien-free title you qualify to apply for a Glendale car title loan. Instead of using your credit as collateral for your cash loan, your car is the collateral with a vehicle title loan. You keep your car and keep driving it, but the lender holds the title until you repay your loan in full.

Glendale title loans have become a lifesaver for many residents that haven’t had the best of luck with their financial pest but are doing much better and still establishing good credit. During this period it can be difficult to turn to the bank for help when a financial emergency arises. You’ll likely be charged more interest, if approved at all. Avoid the hassle and frustration by calling our Glendale auto title loan representatives instead.

poor credit borrowers welcome for cash title loans

With your vehicle as the collateral for the loan, it also becomes the means for determining how much you can borrow. The resale value of your vehicle is determined, which you can research too by visiting Kelley Blue Book. Once the resale value is determined you are provided a maximum amount to borrow, where you can choose just how much you need. The minimum is $2,150 abiding by the California state law. However, depending on your car’s resale value, you could receive up to $10,000 or even more.

Save Time and Money with Glendale Car Title Loans

There are many advantages to choosing car title loans over the many loan options, but the one most customers seem to enjoy the most is how much time and money they actually save. Banks can take a lot of time just to determine if you qualify; that doesn’t count how long it takes to get the money if you’re approved. Payday loans will charge higher interest that is hard for anyone to afford which will only bury you further in debt and cause you to pay more than you actually borrowed.

With Big Car Title Loans Glendale you can expect to know if you qualify in just a few minutes, if you’re approved in under 20 minutes and the cash in your hand in under 24 hours! What isn’t to like about that?

Personalized Repayment Plan for Your Title Loan

Obtaining a title loan with us means a customized repayment plan that you can actually follow and adhere to. We aren’t known to have many defaults on our title loans and that’s because we offer low interest rates, no penalties for paying your loan off early and for our customized repayment plans. The loan representative can help you determine the best amount to repay each month that fits within your regular income but doesn’t hinder your ability to continue paying your monthly expenses.